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Sunday, May 25, 2008

And it's all downhill from there

Well things are going from bad to worse already -- so much for my record of a week straight with no problems. Jackie and Ellen were throwing their new pink tennis balls around the front hall and ended up hitting one of the chandeliers. So Jackie runs into the kitchen and starts begging me to fix it before her dad comes out (from getting ready for their dinner party). So I up on a ladder trying to fix the dumb thing and Jackie's got the door closed and as I'm opening the door to the back hall out comes Jim. He eyes me, then Jackie, then the chandelier. ''What are you doing?" ''Oh just fixing the light, it came unhinged'' ''How?" well crap, how am I supposed to get out of this one without lying? I know that Jackie didn't want me to tell but I was NOT going to cover for her again so I said, the girls were playing. He gets up on the ladder and starts yelling ab out how it's still not right (even though it was); ThEN the lightbulb is out because it got hit and so I went to get another one and wouldn't you know we're out of lightbulbs? So I went back and told him I'd call maintence to which he starts screaming at me about how we're abusing the maintenence men and ''WHY THE HELL DIDN'T YOU BUY ENOUGH LIGHTBULBS WHEN YOU WENT TO COSTO??" I explained that since they were only 60 watt and Erica had wanted 75 watt she told me to only buy 10, I had and now we were out of them. He was NOT happy and THEN it turned out the chandelier was cracked and now has to be replaced to which Jackie goes ''oh it wasn't like that when I hit the ball." (so of course that mean's I broke it even though it WAS her who did it but I can't just say that she's lying.)

Jim got down told me to put the ladder away and then stormed out of the house. And now it's 12 am and they just got home and I'm hiding in my room hoping they think I'm alseep so I won't have to go out there and explain the receipts. --Although I did leave a note explaining everything so that when I'm gone tomorrow and Monday they'll know. Here's to the morning.. 6 hours away.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Money and Jail

Well I guess good things only last so long. It's 12:11 and I'm getting yelled at already -- I accidently threw away the receipt from buying the vegetables and fruits. I know it was only 48 bucks but still I shouldn't have lost the stupid reciept and now I'm gonna get it. And the thing is that I should have had a SErious eye on that reciept because even last week Erica made a huge deal of how we have to do the money right away blah blah blah. Now she's going to be furious with me because ''we'd already discussed this''. I'm afraid to even leave my room! =( Only two more hours in here before they leave for whatever baseball game they're going to! [I know I'm avoiding the confrontation but I'm too scared to go out ok?]

On the other hand: I came across an interesting article this morning that I thought I'd share with you guys:

It's about a guy who gets himself out of an Egyptian jail by using Twitter!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Ok this felt too easy. Seriously. I feel like I've been hunting for months for the 'in' into starting a blog on here and then it was THIS easy! I feel almost cheated out of the game. Oh well, I suppose I'll just be grateful!! Not only because of easy-access blogs but because its FINALLY FRIDAY!!! And here's the best part: I made it to Friday with NO COMPLAINTS, NO BEING YELLED AT AND NO POUTY TEMPERTANTRUMS!!! ...oh and the girls were great too.

I literally have no idea how to start a blog...I think I'll think about it later.