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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Money and Jail

Well I guess good things only last so long. It's 12:11 and I'm getting yelled at already -- I accidently threw away the receipt from buying the vegetables and fruits. I know it was only 48 bucks but still I shouldn't have lost the stupid reciept and now I'm gonna get it. And the thing is that I should have had a SErious eye on that reciept because even last week Erica made a huge deal of how we have to do the money right away blah blah blah. Now she's going to be furious with me because ''we'd already discussed this''. I'm afraid to even leave my room! =( Only two more hours in here before they leave for whatever baseball game they're going to! [I know I'm avoiding the confrontation but I'm too scared to go out ok?]

On the other hand: I came across an interesting article this morning that I thought I'd share with you guys:

It's about a guy who gets himself out of an Egyptian jail by using Twitter!

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